About the RDPA:
The RDPA is an association originally established to organise activity holidays for children, and subsequently affiliated to a number of sporting bodies including the French orienteering federation ( FFCO ).
The club now employs a mapper and offers a mapmaking service to local authorities, schools and other clubs.
Recent maps made for other clubs include:
"Montlaur" & "Mourrel des Garrigues" (Alaric'O 2009, Aude)
"Les Carrières", Bealieu (regional long distance championship 2008, Hérault),
"Les Rives et Le Caylar" (south west semi-final 2008 on the plateau du Larzac, Hérault),
"Le Salagou", an update of a small map by the Lac de Salagou (Hérault, 2007) ...
When the RDPA became "club 1103 LR" in 2001 it was the only orienteering club in the Aude, with no areas or equipment and just three members. In 2006 membership stands at 13 and we have been joined by a highly successful second club, COORE , based at Lezignan-Corbières.
The club's aims: more good quality mapped areas in the Aude or thereabouts, and more races for more people to enjoy.