About becoming a member of the RDPA :

The RDPA offers an FFCO competition licence for orienteering, includes subscription to the sport's bimonthly magazine CO-MAG.
   14 ans et moins :        28
        15-18 ans :                33.60
   19-20 ans :                56
        21 ans et plus :          61,60
          Familles :                  145,60
An FFCO licence provides you with medical insurance cover in case of an accident or medical emergency during a competition or training session. A licence is essential if you want to take part in competitions above a certain level, though reciprocal arrangements exist for licence-holders from other countries. For occasional participation in local events you can just take a day licence, called a "passporientation", costing about €2.80, but you have the hassle of presenting a medical certificate each time you compete.
The licence allows you to compete in all events; newcomers may find the idea of taking part in an interregional event a little daunting, but there's a wide range of abilities among competitors so there's no need to be embarassed about getting lost or being too unfit to actually run.
The more licence holders we have, the more weight it gives us in our search for public funding so we can make the maps you need to enjoy this sport.